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10 January 2008 @ 06:21 pm
[RL WITH KYOUYA - The Third Music Room at Ouran High School.]

The entire school was near quiet as the evening began, and those at clubs were finally negotiating going home. However, it was not due to last long, as the king of the host club himself came striding down the corridors with a mixed expression on his face. Upon attempting to 'rally the troops', as he'd put it, into finding Haruhi, his plan had been spoiled. The twins hadn't picked up the phone, Mori was training and wasn't permitted to leave until he had finished, and Huni had more than likely disappeared to the other side of Japan for a family meal or something along those lines. Tamaki could only hope Kyouya had tried or done something in the time it had taken Tamaki to get back to where Kyouya most likely was. The third music room.

Opening the doors gallently and causing them to bang against the walls, he looked around, before calling, "Kyouya? You're in here, aren't you?"
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08 January 2008 @ 05:59 pm
Anything on Tamaki that isn't really up to scratch? Not accurate? You can leave feedback here if you want, I'm still getting used to playing him - this is my first time playing him at an RP, but I have RP-ed with Ouran before, so hopefully I can get to grips with his muse. It's been bugging me non-stop for a while.

Want a plot to come together, or something? I'm still getting to grips with how DDD works, so you might have to tell me how we should go about it. You can ask here, though, if you want.

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